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Sexual assault survivor launches super PAC

Katie Kindelan via Good Morning America

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On Tuesday, November 8, 2016 our nation took a leap into a sexist abyss. The sexual assaulter had won, and would pursue his policies of division and misogyny. Determined to right the ship for the sake of our families and futures, American women from all walks of life are rising up to run for office at stunning, unheard of rates. But we haven't won anything yet. These candidates demand our attention, and they deserve our support. Nothing will change unless we do it our damn selves. This is about women supporting women who support women.

Marching for women wasn't enough. Making daily calls to her congressman's voicemail box felt futile. With the fall of 2017, America's #Me Too revolution began. The onslaught of daily revelations about systemic sexual harassment and assault against women came into focus. The Vote Me Too Pac was launched by a sexual assault survivor and passionate mother of twins out of her own home in Baltimore, Maryland. Now, a growing coalition of women and allies are ready to turn our breakthrough #me too movement into a power for lasting political change. When we enter that voting booth we won't forget this fall and all the women who have come before us. Let's send our country and the out of touch men who are running it a very clear message.

There are some really incredible organizations out there that prepare women to to run for office. They provide them with training, infrastructure, fundraising, networking and other kinds of support. That's wonderful, necessary work, but it's not what we do. We are specialists. After the primaries, Vote Me Too PAC will support a limited slate of first-time, pro-choice female candidates specifically by creating and distributing edgy visual media advertising content to voters in those areas. Our ads will be tactical, targeted and extremely effective. In 2018, women won't be systematically silenced. The time to shift the power dynamic and get a fair seat at the decision making table is right now. Women have everything to gain, and everything to lose. Right now. We're taking swift action, in this moment, determined to have an impact. Join us.

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