Vote Me Too

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are you? Why you?

A Federal Super PAC creating edgy visual media content to support select female candidates running for congress and senate who support the me too agenda.

Vote Me Too PAC was started by Sarah Sherman, a caterer and mother of twins living in Baltimore Maryland, in early 2018. Terrified by the election of Donald Trump, Sarah was instrumental in the formation of Baltimore Indivisible within her own community. The local chapter, 3,000 members strong participated weekly in demonstrations and making daily calls to Washington. It kept her active and in the mix. The powerful women’s march in January of 2017 was invigorating and inspiring but when it was over, like millions of women across the country, Sarah wanted to keep the momentum going. She made more calls, attended more rallies, held neighborhood meetings, and lifted up local candidates in Maryland who could hopefully help her fellow Marylanders weather the Trump storm. But in October of 2018, thanks to the inspirational #Me Too Movement, Sarah’s worlds colided and sharply, her mission came into focus.

The countless repulsive actions of Donald Trump aimed directly at women and the silent lack of action not taken by his spineless elected supporters on the hill, is beyond infuriating. A survivor of sexual assault as a young adult herself, Sarah formed the Vote Me Too PAC in an attempt to support female candidates running congressional and senatorial races in 2018 and 2020. Unless women get a seat at the rule-making table, our #MeToo moment won’t become a sustained movement.

Now, Sarah is leading Vote Me Too PAC into a growing coalition of women and men who are ready to turn America’s breakthrough #metoo moment into a movement for lasting political change.

Q: What’s the connection between voting and #metoo?

For the me too moment to create lasting change, we need new policies from new politicians, namely women.The Me Too Movement is about the power imbalance, which can only be fixed at the ballot box.

Me too is about ending the silence around sexual harassment and assault. We as a culture have accepted silence around sexual harassment and assault for one reason: men make the rules. Until women have equal representation in Washington there will remain an imbalance of power between men and women. That imbalance leads to things like men controlling what women can do with their bodies, unequal pay for men and women, and gender based health care discrimination. Guess what? Time’s up! This is exactly what Vote Me Too is all about. This imbalance affects every woman in America in their daily lives. If MeToo is only about outing individuals, it’s impact will fall short of what’s possible. Vote Me Too PAC will deepen the impact of the Me Too movement by getting women elected who will lead the charge for massive female fairness focused policy changes.

Q: What are you doing?

Creating and distributing edgy visual media content to support our endorsed candidates.

Our focus is simple and narrow: every dollar donated to Vote Me Too PAC goes directly to creating and distributing edgy, video content supporting 2018 candidates for US Congress and Senate. That’s it. The most powerful tool used to change voters minds in key races.

Q: On what basis will you endorse and how will you select the candidates?

3 Criteria: Champion of women’s issues, newcomers preferred, all parties considered

We will endorse a slate of 3-10 female candidates running for US Congress and Senate. Our goal is to support female candidates that are diverse in geography, demographics and policy approach. We don’t believe there is just one way to attack the gender imbalance in DC. When the winners of the primaries are known, we will focus on our endorsements, and will announce them publicly in July 2018. The factors we will consider in making our endorsements include:

Must be an outspoken champion in the fight for women issues including: protecting women from sexual violence, the right to reproductive choice, health care, equal pay, family leave, workplace protection from harassment Ideally will be new to the office sought. First timers given heavy preference. All parties welcome, no exclusions, because women can actually hear each other and work together

Q: Why just video?

Research shows video is the most powerful tool for political communication, especially over social media.

We know video is the most powerful tool for political communications, the research and statistics are undeniable. We think our videos, distributed via unpaid and paid social media, will have the maximum impact per donated dollar. We also have a partnership that allows us to execute exceptionally creative, powerful videos at a heavily discounted rate, again optimizing the impact of every donated dollar.

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